Ephedra-based diet pills and doping
Ephedra-based diet pills and doping

Ephedra-based diet pills and doping

Spectacular sport performances often coexisted with equally sensational doping cases. One of the most common and popular enhancing substances was the Ephedra-based diet pill. Many sportsmen were publicly shamed, banned from their sport and left the competitive scene.  USA company formation
Why should athletes stay away from Ephedra pill?

Ephedrine, either as a dietary supplement, or as the Ephedra weight-loss pill, is a banned substance. Any athlete who fails the Ephedrine doping test is forever discredited. Here are the reasons why the Ephedra-based diet pill is condemned in the sports world:

* Ephedrine causes a dramatic increase in the activity of the central nervous system.
* The Ephedra energy pill has a significant stimulatory effect on cells. The athlete’s metabolism is stimulated, as more free fatty acids are produced from the breakdown of triglycerides in the adipose tissue. This is a very positive effect.
* The Ephedra pill improves the force of skeletal muscle contractions with a powerful effect on performance. It is commonly taken immediately before a competition. When administered at a certain dosage (Ephedra minimum: 25 to a maximum of 50 mg) and only for a few weeks, it has real benefits. It should not be taken at higher doses or for longer periods.

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